Jeremy and Freak lock up for a Sunday night session for our 31th show for the viewer-listeners.

We open the show talking softball while WWE's SummerSlam rolls in the background. With the simulcast on Facebook Live, we take you through a mental trip to IKEA! A short side-bar to analyze employer-employee relations before we queue up the next session to discuss our respective MLB teams: The First place Cleveland Indians, the pesky third place Cardinals and the fading Rays. With a few more hits from the WWE PPV, we then step outside the ropes with MMA talk one last time before the McGregor-Mayweather fight. We round second and head for third as Jeremy tries to play the game (wrestling trivia), followed by some Q&A on the upcoming hunting seasons for our fans in the Jeffco and around the globe!

Plug in and listen to us while watching your favorite pay-per-view, sitting in the ER, in the appropriate bathroom at work or anywhere digital downloads are available.

-- The Sports Stalkers Team -- #33 & #15

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Twitter: STLSportsStalk

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