Jeremy and Freak pump out the softball talk in our 26th show for the viewer-listeners.

With the time gap in between shows, we go back in time (without Marty McFly) and Jeremy talks about his experience at the Busch Classic and making it to the elusive day 3 of a 3 day tourney. He shows his team ASP some love on the focus and determination it takes to get to the end of a big tourney. In Freak details his debut on the Dirty Bird Nation front as the DBN (Half Heavy) went to Rolla for Julyfest and walked out undefeated with a fistful of cash to go with a team photo to capture the guys showing off the new grey jerseys. From there we chip in a few mentions of Joey Chestnut and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and the WWE PPV Great Balls of Fire. Then we seemlessly turn the page to Redbird Talk and what pieces from the current Cardinals team may be in play at the trading deadline and who realistically could be coming to town. Token mentions of the Indians and Rays be fore we close out strong with Jeremy trying to answer the most random trivia ever!

Plug in and listen to us on the road to a tournament, on the road back from a tournament, sitting at home planning your next tournament or anywhere digital downloads are available.

-- The Sports Stalkers Team -- #33 & #15

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