Jeremy, Freak and Dustin present our 23rd show - back with the three man crew!

We run the triangle offense once again with the return of the best board guy wearing an ASP hat. We discuss our softball weekend and move into the ramifications of your softball reputation. Good, bad or just beginning...

Along the way we congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins (and Sid The Kid) for capping their cup run and speculate heavily that the Golden State Warriors are next up at the podium.  With the Cardinals trying to surface in the NL Central we discuss the shake up of the coaching staff, team and where they can possibly go from here (see our January show where we corrected the Blues problem). Of course we interact with our fans and friends via Facebook Live, then take it strong to the goal with Trivia for a sports knowledge fight between Jeremy and Freak.

Plug in and listen to us in the tanning beds, changing your own oil, while standing in line at the DMV or anywhere digital downloads are available.

-- The Sports Stalkers Team -- #33 & #15 & #3

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Twitter:  STLSportsStalk

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