Join Freak and Jeremy as we catch up on two weeks worth of topics including our collective softball obsessions. Jeremy's pick for the Blues to win 16 postseason games came up 62.5% short but the Blues have a lot to be positive about heading into "next season". We take a momentary breather from bashing Kolten Wong to acknowledge the Cardinals and them overcoming A LOT of errors to be right there with the Cubs...and the Reds. Mother Nature finally turned off the waterworks for a few days and we were able to get out and play some ball. Saturday was a USSSA qualifying event and Sunday was the Kayla Walter's Suicide Awareness Benefit at BMAC. Great weather and a chance once again for the softball community in St Louis to come together to remember one of their own and collectively wrap their arms around a family. So crank us up in the car (or truck), while at the gym, in the background while you are doing the household bills or wherever you like. Sports Stalkers podcast is here for your entertainment. We may not be suitable for young impressionable children or drama-mongers but eff it. Let's go!

- #33 The Freak / The Sports Stalkers

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