The Sports Stalkers team is proud to bring you a special interview with NSA Area Director (and player) Derek Billups. Derek gives us some insights on the state of NSA softball and some inside scoop on how NSA is looking to rebuild their presence in the area after Sun Valley in Pevely has stopped hosting events. Derek talks about NSA's structure and evening the playing field in relation to other associations. He also talks about being on the player side and the huge difference of being a director and the resources, time, patience and planning that goes into each event. With an eye on the future, Derek and NSA wants a welcoming, family atmosphere to make the product attractive to families and new players to help re-elevate NSA's profile in the region with three main parks as the focus: Belle Fountaine, Peruque Valley Park and Warrenton Athletic Complex. Plug in and give us a listen.

Check out the upcoming events for NSA in Missouri:


#33 The Freak


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