The Sports Stalkers team is proud to bring you a special interview with former St Louis Cardinals pitcher Jason Simontacchi. He talks about his rookie season, his Olympic experience, the late Darryl Kyle, the Cards-Cubs rivalry, his limited softball career (but he was a fan of Rusty Bumgardner and Andy Purcell), the 2002 playoffs, hunting and fishing, family, friends, The Cardinal Way and his favorite all-time Blues player (LGB!) and his drive to stay within the Cardinals organization as a pitching coach.

This interview took about four months to set up but like his desire to follow up with the Cardinals to work within the organization it goes to show, good things come to those who keep at it. To Jason and his family, thank you for the time and sharing a few stories and some personal moments. Have a great year sir.


#33 The Freak


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