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Jeremy and Freak sit down together for the first time in 2018 in the Sports Dungeon to catch you up on our sports viewpoint.

The Sports Stalkers team is live and rolling on Facebook live. After a few moments to reacquaint ourselves with what a podcast is, we are off and running. We cover the MLB - both leagues - for a preview plus the viewpoint of our favorite teams. As usual we jump all over the map to talk about softball and a little WWE activity. Of course we scratch our heads and try to figure out the Rubix cube of a puzzle that are the St Louis Blues and we finish up by putting Jeremy on the hot seat for Trivia!

Plug in and listen to us on while you are waiting on future Sports Stalkers episodes to appear wherever digital downloads are available.

-- The Sports Stalkers Team -- #33 & #15

Facebook: SportsStalkers Twitter: STLSportsStalk


Check out a portion of the live feed from the show with some cool 'techie' aspects for your viewing pleasure.




Interview with manager of The Ball Barn Entertainment Facility in Festus, Missouri

 The Freak Show - Sports Stalkers team is proud to bring you a special interview with Adam Gliebe of The Ball Barn batting cage and entertainment center in Festus, Missouri. I get to sit down for about 20 minutes of Adam’s time while inside the brand new facility to discuss his background as a baseball player growing up and how that translates into managing a baseball/softball training facility. The Ball Barn opened up a little over two weeks ago and I actually heard about it while out having breakfast at Denny’s of all places. Shortly thereafter I reached out to Adam to get more information on their new business in our community and that led directly to this interview. During the interview we sit in the office and you can hear children playing in one of the open cages and the sounds of softball batting practice in another. Adam graciously answers numerous questions ranging from: How the facility genesis was conceived, plans for events, marketing to the surrounding community, branding and much more. So plug in, give us a listen and let us know what you thought of the interview!


#33 Scott “The Freak” Latta - The Freak Show & Sports Stalkers Podcasts



https://www.facebook.com/The-Ball-Barn-764316203729112 - Facebook Page

Twitter: @TheBallBarnMO

Website: https://theballbarn.net

Facility Address: 130 S 2nd St – Festus, MO 63028  -- Phone #636-600-8704

E-mail: theballbarn@gmail.com or theballbarnmanager@yahoo.com 

Also some links I found for Adam on Google:





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