Jeremy, Freak and Dustin hit the ground running in our 25th show for the viewer-listeners.

The triad of softball awesomeness sits down to re-hash our softball weekends before we slip into something a bit weirder. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the Facebook Live feed and the promo pix from the Sports Dungeon. We break down the Blues net-gain from their trades and the impact of losing David Perron in the 'Golden...Knights' draft. The Cardinals are looking for a 'landing strip' in this season's so far unfriendly skies. The show is filled with all sorts of subtext and hard to follow Jeremyisms. But power through and play along as Jeremy takes on Freak in round 1 of Trivia and then Jeremy goes toe to toe with Dustin in round 2 of Trivia.

Plug in and listen to us cleaning the pool, sitting in traffic, while blowing up the can at work or anywhere digital downloads are available.

-- The Sports Stalkers Team -- #33 & #15 & #3

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