Jeremy and Freak present our 22nd show for your approval.

We pull on those elbow length gloves and get in-depth talking about tourney softball and how a group can bond together...and conversely what can pull them apart. Simultaneously podcasting and streaming Facebook Live, we interact with friends, local and abroad, while talking about the sport we love (softball). So as not to be one trick ponies, we compare the current plight of the St Louis Cardinals to where the St Louis Blues were at the end of Janaury and suggest: Maybe it's time to play the kids. From there we round the bases talking about WWE, the Stanley Cup Finals, the Golden State Warrior NBA Finals, the Women's College World Series Finals, a smidge of golf (Tiger Droppings) and finish strong with Jeremy on the hot seat for the last two segments: Who the Hell is That? and (sports) Trivia.

Plug in and listen to us at the gym, in the truck, on the throne or wherever gives you that Oh Yeah, Snap Into A Slim Jim feeling.

-- The Sports Stalkers Team -- #33 & #15

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